1. Who is MannaRelief?

2012 Highlights For the Nonprofit Organization MannaRelief

  • Sent more than 5,690,049 servings of nutritional support to children all over the globe.
  • Traveled to Mexico with a team of volunteers to tour the facilities of Vamos México where they had previously sent more than 300,000 servings of PhytoBlend™ powder.
  • Sent PhytoBlend powder to South Africa, providing nutritional support to more than 3,000 kids.
  • Partnered with Children’s Hunger Fund, supplying 5,000 kids in Rwanda with PhytoBlend powder.
  • Sent a total of 1,280,064 servings of PhytoBlend powder to North Korea.
  • Expanded nutritional support in Guatemala from 3,000 to 5,000 children through its partnership with RU4Children.
  • Sent more than 1,500,000 servings of PhytoBlend powder to nearly 9,000 children in the Philippines, Honduras, and El Salvador through its partnership with Convoy of Hope.

2. The M5M Foundation (created November 2014)


COPPELL, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 17, 2015-- Mannatech®, Incorporated (NASDAQ: MTEX), the pioneer of nutritional glycobiology and leading innovator of naturally-sourced supplements based onReal Food Technology® solutions, announced the results of its social entrepreneurial efforts during 2014 through its M5MSM (Mission 5 MillionSM) program. In total, purchases placed by Mannatech customers and Associates generated a total donation equal to 20 million servings of the company’s nutrient-dense PhytoBlend™ powder for children in need around the world.

The Mission 5 Million movement focuses on the fight against global childhood malnutrition and represents Mannatech’s commitment to link five million consumers of its Real Food Technology supplementation with five million children in need. Mannatech uses a social entrepreneurial business model that allows anyone to participate in the movement. Donations generated through Mannatech's M5M movement are triggered directly from individual customer orders. When someone orders nutritional products for themselves, they are also helping fight global malnutrition.

Based on Real Food Technology solutions, Mannatech’s PhytoBlend powder is designed to help in the fight against global malnutrition by providing children in need with valuable, supplemental nutrition that mixes easily into the foods they’re already eating. PhytoBlend powder contains nutrients from plants and other natural sources, allowing children to receive standardized and nutritionally beneficial amounts of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in a natural form unique to the industry.

In November 2014, Mannatech announced the January launch of the M5M Foundation, an independent non-profit organization that will now assume responsibility as Mannatech’s main distributor of PhytoBlend powder to orphanages and relief organizations.

“Our commitment to the M5M movement expanded significantly in 2014,” explained Dr. Robert Sinnott,Mannatech CEO and Chief Science Officer. “We took trips to Guatemala and South Africa to see the many faces of children we support. We also launched the M5M China Run in August, where ultra-endurance athlete Jason Lester ran the Great Wall of China in less than 100 days to raise awareness of malnutrition. And to finish the year, we helped launch the M5M Foundation to guarantee we can make an even bigger impact in 2015. I’m confident that together we will see our vision become a reality to link five million consumers of our products with five million children in need.”

The M5M Foundation is an independent non-profit organization.

3. Who is behind iFeed5?

iFeed5 was created by Marian and Glenn Head in May of 2013 as a business strategy to nourish at least 20,000 children every day, using Mannatech Incorporated's social entrepreneurship business model and supporting Mannatech's M5M: Mission 5 Million. See "About the Founders" for more about Glenn and Marian.

4. Who is Mannatech?

About Mannatech®

Mannatech, Incorporated, develops high-quality health, weight and fitness, and skin care products that are based on the solid foundation of nutritional science and development standards. Mannatech is dedicated to its platform of Social Entrepreneurship based on the foundation of promoting, aiding and optimizing nutrition where it is needed most around the world. With almost 100 patents, Mannatech's proprietary products are available through independent sales Associates around the globe including the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Estonia, Finland, the Republic of Ireland, Czech Republic, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, Namibia, Hong Kong and Ukraine. For more information, visit Mannatech.com.

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* iFeed5 champions become independent associates of Mannatech in order to earn income.