How It Works

iFeed5 is our strategy to support an even larger global mission -- M5MSM -- Mission 5 MillionSM -- in which people all over the world are championing the cause to nourish at least 5 million children. Watch this 4-minute video to learn more about M5M:

Nourish Yourself - Nourish a Child

When you purchase skin care, vitamins, or other nutritional support for your radiant health, your purchase triggers a donation of nutritional powder to a child in need -- at no extra cost to you.

You simply nourish yourself, and you'll be nourishing a child in need.

You invite four others who join you by nourishing themselves with these same exceptional nutritional and skin care products -- and you are now nourishing five children. You can say, "iFeed5!"

When your four iFeed5 team members build their own iFeed5 groups of people who nourish themselves, your efforts have been multiplied and you are now feeding 21 children.

When their iFeed5team members build their own iFeed5 groups, your initial actions are leveraged to feed 65 vulnerable children.

Get the idea?

Here's the kind of feedback we are hearing about the children you serve.

In it's "Year in Review," the nonprofit organization, MannaRelief wrote of nourishing the children in Guatemala, including Aura, below:

The impact that PhytoBlend powder has been making throughout this beautiful country is remarkable. One of the more notable cases we’ve seen has been that of Aura. When Aura first began receiving nutritional support from MannaRelief she weighed what a five year old should—the problem was that she was 10 years old. Her skin was pale, she had no hair on her head and her health was quickly fading. Today, just over a year later, Aura is a healthy 12 year old that runs, plays, and is attending school again.

In November of 2014, Mannatech created its own not-for-profit, the M5M Foundation

What's In it For You? 

#1 - Radiant Skin, Radiant Health

Radiant Skin first. Are you ready to restore your skin to a more youthful appearance? Watch this 3 minute video and start chasing away those wrinkles!

Take our 90-Day Beautiful Skin Challenge. Risk free! Simply wash your face and apply the revolutionary Uth Rejuvenation Creme twice a day -- that's all.  No other serums, lotions or potions. Be sure to take a closeup picture of yourself before you start and periodically during the 90 days. We think you will LOVE the results. But if for any reason you don't, you can return the product -- even empty bottles -- and get all your money back up to six months after your purchase, using our skin care suppliers' 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here is our friend, Gail, in her 8th decade of life. Photos on left are before using Uth. Photos on right are just two weeks later.

Ask your friend who invited you to iFeed5 to order your Uth right now. Join our 90-Day Beautiful Skin Challenge today! Start nourishing a child this week.

Now for Radiant Health

Here's what we really love: To nourish the children you nourish your own body with unique, real food supplements that support your radiant health and all that means to you, your family, and those you serve. Our nutritional supplier offers supplements with a six month 100% satisfaction guarantee that support:

  • your immune system*
  • your endocrine system (hormones)*
  • prostate and breast health*
  • bone, colon and heart health*
  • cognition, memory, energy and much, much more*

Clinical studies also show that our nutritional supplier company's antioxidant supplement called AO® provides 200% greater antioxidant protection than adding an additional five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.*

Did you know that 95% of supplements on the market are synthetic, based in coal tar and petroleum products?  From which plant would you rather your supplements come: a chemical plant or a real plant?

Watch this four-minute video to see the value of supplements made from real foods.

What's In it For You?

#2 - Financial Prosperity - Doing Well by Doing Good

iFeed5's skin care and nutritional supplement supplier is a 20 year old, publicly-traded company who recently transitioned into a social entrepreneur company with the launch of M5M, Mission 5 Million: to nourish 5 million of the world's most vulnerable children. Mannatech®, Incorporated (Mannatech) said the following in their official press release on 8/29/13.

Mannatech created the world's first revenue-sharing rewards program for social entrepreneurship, allowing participants to earn income for championing the M5M movement by connecting consumers to Mannatech products. Combined with the company's global infrastructure and patented product technologies, this revenue-sharing approach allows the company to actively incentivize those who champion the cause, aiming to shorten the timeline of reaching five million children in need.

M5M Founder Sam Caster (right) with Muhammed Yunus,
Nobel Peace Prize winner for social entrepreneurship.

Muhammed Yunus is the Bangladeshi banker and economist who developed the concepts of microcredit and microfinance, helping poor people escape from poverty by providing small loans on terms they could meet. His Grameen Bank model is now replicated in more than 100 countries.

As a customer, every $100 of supplements or skin care you purchase from Mannatech on a regular monthly basis feeds a child in need every day of the month, in addition to nourishing you and your family. If you refer other customers, you can receive substantial discount credits on future orders -- up to $250 every month.

If you choose to become a Champion, you can also be
financially rewarded for making a difference. The iFeed5 strategy encourages each of us to have goals of nourishing at least 1,000 children and earning at least $10,000** every month by following Mannatech's revenue-sharing rewards program.

Here is a chart showing the progression of income following our example with every champion ordering at least $100 in Mannatech products monthly and bringing 4 Champions to their team who do the same. Complete information on Mannatech's rewards program can be found here. We have simplified the rewards into the chart below.


Team Members  

(You bring first 4;        Children           Earnings per

then each brings 4)   Nourished              Month**






















Can you see yourself nourishing children, helping others nourish themselves,

and getting paid for your results?

Join us now!

Why wait any longer to nourish yourself and nourish a child in need? Contact the friend who invited you to his or her iFeed5 team. Choose which of these two ways you would like to get started:


1. iFeed5 Customer

A member nourishes a child by nourishing themselves. If you choose, you may refer other members and build an iFeed5 team.There is no cost other than the cost of the monthly products that support your health and wellness.


2. iFeed5 Champion

An iFeed5 champion nourishes a child by nourishing themselves. You build an iFeed5 team by inviting customers and champions to join you. As an iFeed5 champion you make an ongoing investment in your own health and receive income as commission on all purchases linked to your members and champions. Champions purchase a starter-kit of products worth more than $600 for $495. When you have enrolled your iFeed5 team of Champions, you will have received $700+ in rewards.

We would love for you to join us in enjoying radiant health and doing well by doing good!

Phytoblend, PhytoMatrix, Ambrotose, and AO are trademarks of Mannatech, Incorporated. Used with permission.
* These statements h
ave not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

MannaRelief is an independent, nonprofit organization. It is not owned or operated by Mannatech, Incorporated.

**This is just one example of how to maximize earnings through Mannatech’s revenue sharing rewards program. All earnings are based on the sale of products and will depend on your time and effort expended, your skill, and the market available to you. Mannatech makes no guarantees about your earnings.