"The time is ripe for collaboration between for-profit businesses and mission-driven individuals and organizations."  Bill Drayton, CEO of Ashoka, in his article Can Entrepreneurs Save the World, Harvard Business Review, Sept. 2010.

What is the greatest challenge that your nonprofit organization faces today? If you're like most nonprofits, the answer is sustainable funding. Would you be willing to think "out of the box" for a few minutes as you read on and watch a few videos?

 iFeed5 is a collaborative business strategy that supports churches, schools, and any civic organization with a heart for children and a need for money.

Some organizations encourage people to buy cookies and candy for fundraising. How about offering something that would support the health of your members/supporters -- and the financial strength of your organization -- all while nourishing malnourished children on an ongoing basis?


Many churches sell grocery cards to their members and reap a 5% commission. Why not add to that a 15% commission on products your members/supporters likely already purchase. Here's how:

Every month your members/supporters purchase skin care products, real food vitamins, and plant-sourced supplements directly from Mannatech®, our nutritional supplement supplier, Mannatech will pay your nonprofit organization a commission of 15% of those purchases. Additionally, Mannatech will donate Phytoblend powder, a product they formulated specifically for malnourished children, to the nonprofit organization MannaRelief. MannaRelief then distributes the Phytoblend powder to orphanages, schools, or other children's programs across the globe (including the United States). You may even direct where that nutrition goes when your members' Mannatech purchases trigger enough donations of PhytoBlend powder to support all the children being served.

Here is the progression of income you can expect for your organization if the average product order is $100/month.

   Members Ordering/

   Children Nourished   Earnings/month**









Your organization wins. Your people win. 
The children win.

Benefits are many and significant. You provide real value to your members/supporters and the children. In its "2012 Year in Review," the nonprofit organization, MannaRelief wrote of nourishing the children in Guatemala, including Aura, below:

The impact that PhytoBlend powder has been making throughout this beautiful country is remarkable. One of the more notable cases we’ve seen has been that of Aura. When Aura first began receiving nutritional support from MannaRelief she weighed what a five year old should—the problem was that she was 10 years old. Her skin was pale, she had no hair on her head and her health was quickly fading. Today, just over a year later, Aura is a healthy 12 year old that runs, plays, and is attending school again.

Like many online stores (think Amazon), each of your members and supporters who choose to participate simply gets a free account so they can order online and have their nutrients (and skin care products) shipped to their door. Here is what's different:

  • your organization receives 15% of what your members/supporters purchase and
  • a child is provided nutrition for a month for every $100 spent.
Most likely many of your members and supporters don't know that the vitamins and other supplements they are taking may not be good for them. It's because 95% of what's on the market today are made from coal tar and petroleum products, maybe even with iron filings and rocks, all of which can be labeled "natural."

You change lives. You nourish children. Your nonprofit organization gains a monthly revenue stream that is sustainable and reliable. We say reliable because when people experience the benefits of supplements made with real food, most never want to be without them again. For those who aren't completely satisfied, our supplier, Mannatech, will provide a 100% refund by following their easy refund process. You may try any products for up to six months risk free. Click here to see Manatech's policy.

iFeed5 also has a relationship with My Wellness Club for anyone who would enjoy having a wellness buddy to help them stay on track to their own personalized wellness plan. The wellness plan and ongoing support are offered at no cost to those who have a monthly order of supplements.

Can you see how your members/supporters who choose an ongoing monthly purchase will generate reliable, sustainable income your nonprofit can depend on while nourishing hungry children at the same time?

While most people will choose to participate by simply switching their skin care products, vitamins, and other supplements to real food- and plant-sourced supplementation, there may be a few people in your organization who will choose to create an income from this social entrepreneur venture. iFeed5 champions will support and train them so that they may earn a sustainable living themselves. We call it making a living by making a difference.

Harvest International Ministry (HIM), a network of more than 20,000 churches in over 50 nations, offered their congregants the opportunity to participate in this program to nourish the children while nourishing themselves, and as a byproduct financially support the mission of their church. The Founder and President of Harvest International Ministries, Che Ahn has this to offer:

For an in-depth presentation of this sustainable funding model, watch this hour long presentation to HIM.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
**This is just one example of how to maximize earnings through Mannatech’s revenue sharing plan. All earnings are based on the sale of products and will depend on your time and effort expended, your skill, and the market available to you. Mannatech makes no guarantees about your earnings.

MannaRelief is an independent, nonprofit organization. It is not owned or operated by Mannatech, Incorporated.
Phytoblend is a trademarks of Mannatech, Incorporated. Used with permission